UNICEF highlights the Convention on the Rights of the Child to Turkmenistan's students

UNICEF highlights the Convention on the Rights of the Child to Turkmenistan's students       

UNICEF highlights the Convention on the Rights of the Child to Turkmenistanís studentsAshgabat, 24 November 2011 – Sulgun is passionate about children’s rights issues and has posted a number of articles in local newspapers describing the role of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). A third year student from the Institute of International Relations, she knows about UNICEF Turkmenistan’s programmes and takes time to learn more about UNICEF’s work globally.

When UNICEF Turkmenistan Representative Samphe Lhalungpa visited the Institute of International Relations with a presentation on the rights of children on 18 November, Sulgun highlighted the fact that in just two days the world would mark the CRC’s 22nd anniversary and congratulated UNICEF and her student fellows. Sulgun also mentioned that she had benefited from an earlier orientation session on media reporting and children’s rights facilitated by UNICEF Regional Communication Adviser at her Institute.  

For UNICEF, it was significant that young future leaders, like Sulgun and her fellow students, take an interest in child rights, thus, contributing to the country’s development agenda. For Sulgun and her fellow students, UNICEF’s visit to the Institute was another opportunity to stay abreast of development programming for children and deepening knowledge on the CRC.

UNICEF highlights the Convention on the Rights of the Child to Turkmenistanís studentsSulgun and more than fifty students and faculty members of the Institute gained an insight into the Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly, on principles and provisions of the Convention. They were oriented about the rights-based approach used in UNICEF programming in Turkmenistan and worldwide. The most appealing part of the presentation was examples of children’s issues narrated by UNICEF Representative from his rich personal experience. Among the breathtaking stories were the stories about child labour in Bangladesh, children in armed conflicts in Africa and children’s access to education in India.

The other critical message from Mr. Lhalungpa was that the CRC was a universal framework which applied to all countries equally. For example, UNICEF raises sensitive issues with many governments and societies globally regardless of their economic and political development. This was, he said, part of the process of implementing the CRC globally.  

UNICEF believes that communicating with young people and listening to their voices is a critical component of the participation principle enshrined in the CRC. UNICEF hopes to engage in partnership with Turkmenistan’s academic institutions to bring knowledge on children’s issues.


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